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Bible Reading

The New Year is an exciting time!  It’s a time for fresh starts, setting goals, and putting the old year behind us.    I recently heard someone say, “Your relationship with God will never be greater than your relationship with His Word.  You cannot claim to know God if you don’t know God’s Word.  You cannot claim to love God, if you don’t love God’s Word.   You cannot claim to obey God, if you don’t obey God’s Word.”    Okay, so here’s my confession, I’m 35 years old and I’ve never read through the Bible completely.   When I get to heaven do I want to have to tell God that I never read every book in His Word because I was what –  lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated!!!    My daughter Megan and I have committed to reading the Bible through in 2009.   We found a one year reading plan that we think will work for us.   You can check it out at www.bible-reading.com/bible-plan.pdf .   We’d love for any of you to join us in reading.  

Lord, thank you for the incredible treasures and blessings that we find in Your Word.   Give us a fresh desire to know you – let it change our lives!   Amen!

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Christmas Memories

This year for Christmas, we traveled to south Alabama to spend the holiday with my family.   All 24 of us were together.   It was an extra special time, because of the year my Dad had battling cancer.   We thank God for the healing Dad has experienced so far, and look forward to better days.   Our family stayed at the We Care building and had a wonderful time!   We played lots of games, put puzzles together, watched movies, some silly times and some sober times.   What a blessing to be apart of such a great family!!!



Boogity, boogity, boogity, Let’s go racing boys!    The cousins enjoyed lots of fun on the go-gart and four wheelers – mud and all!   Thanks Uncle Bubba for providing the “wheeles”.  🙂

The 14 grandchildren

The 14 grandchildren


It was so nice to have an “adult” table.   It seems like yesterday that we all had small children, with a baby on our lap and a high chair at each corner of the table.   🙂


The Metzler Family 2008

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Ways to Live Healthier.

Yesterday I taped Oprah, and watched the show after the kids were in bed.  Now for those of you who are anti-Oprah, just bear with me – stay with me for a moment.  🙂   Yesterday, Oprah and Dr Oz were talking about how to have a better “you” in 2009.    In fact Dr Oz actually had a check list for ways to live a healthier life.  

-Schedule a check-up.
-Things to avoid.
-Healthy foods to add.
-Take multi-vitamin every day.
-Find a health advocate.
-Get enough rest.

These are all good things to do if we want to be healthier, but what if we were as concerned ( if not more) about our spiritual life as our physical body?    We could almost use the same check list.

-Schedule a check-up with God.  Ask Him to show areas that need change.
-What are things that I need to avoid in 2009?    (certain TV shows, books, addictions)
-What can I replace those things with that would be good for me?
-Take time to spend with God – daily!
-Find a friend to journey with you and hold you accountable.
-Exercise your faith and trust in God.
-Take time to rest and renew your self.

So, I was challenged to not only make resolutions about diet and exercise for my physical body in 2009, but what commitments will I make for my spiritual life as well?    Remember to ask for God’s help!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   Was it only one week ago that we were in Alabama celebrating Christmas with my family?  Today, we had a fun and relaxing day at our house.   Since Megan had her first New Years Eve party with the church youth group last night, she took a long nap today.  The rest of us were just bums – reading, playing Monopoly, watching football, playing video games.   We did manage to get some exercise and go for a walk.  Tonight we made homemade lady finger popcorn and strawberry daiquiris(non-alcoholic, of course).  Yum!  🙂   We don’t often have a day where we don’t have to be somewhere or do something, so it was just nice to have family time.   Tomorrow is back to basketball practice, cooking, cleaning, and taking down C-mas decoration – but today was nice!   Here’s to 2009

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Landon’s Boo-boo

Friday, Dec 19 had been a fun and exciting day.  I had been at the boys holiday parties at school, in the afternoon, and had a fun time.   Landon wanted to ride home with me, but Byron stayed to ride the bus home with his friend.    After arriving home, I was reading the mail, when I heard Landon crash and cry out in pain.   It seems that his new socks were too slippery on the kitchen floor (it was wacky sock day at school), and he hit his ear on the edge of the counter as he was falling.    He was screaming in pain and as many of you know, with head injuries, there’s lots of blood!  I called Scott to meet us at Children’s ER, and we went to have things checked out.   Thankfully things were not as bad as they originally looked.   The lobe of his right ear was split open, and required stitches.     Landon suffered no other injuries, and his ear is healing nicely.   I’ll post a couple of pictures for you curious medical people – if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to look.  🙂


Landon's ear split open

Landon's ear split open



 Doctors at Children’s Hospital ER working  gently to stitch Landon together again.


Landon sporting 9 new stiches

Landon sporting 9 new stiches

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