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If any of you have ever lost something valuable, you’ll be able to relate to this.  This weekend our youngest son, Byron, lost his glasses.   We pumped him with questions, “Where were you when you last remember having them?”, “Where did you take them off?”,  “Stop and think!”………. to no avail.   He just couldn’t remember!

Here comes the cool part, after searching this house high and low, and looking every imaginable place, we were at our wits end!    I was beginning to see the dollar signs for new glasses.  😦    So we sat down as a family and prayed the most simple prayer, “Jesus, you know where these glasses are, but we sure don’t!  Please help us to find them.  Amen”.    Maybe 15-20 seconds after that Byron said excitingly, “Oh, I remember now!”, and sure enough, he led us right to them.     They were outside, in the grass, beside the swing set.

I know that God always hears our prayers, and it’s so awesome when we see Him answer them immediately.   One of my favorite scriptures is, I Thes 5:16-18, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”     But I also know that God is sovereign, and there have been many prayers that he has answered, but not in the way that I’ve asked Him to.   In those times, it’s my hearts desire to say, “God is still good, and He knows best”.

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Turned Photo Frames


No this is not another ‘April Fools’ joke.   This is a minor pet peeve of mine!   I have a 10 years old son who has a quirky sense of humor.   Landon loves to be silly!   He has this annoying trait of going around the house and turning a photo frame on it’s side, stacking the fruit weird, or anything else that says,”Helloooo, I was here”!    At first it was funny, but after a while it began to get on my nerves.    After all isn’t it every Mother’s dream to clean the house up – and have it stay that way?!?

After complaining to one of my good friends about this, she said, “Dawn, one day you’ll clean your house up and it will stay just the way you put it – because the kids will be gone”.    Wow, what a sobering thought!     I went to Landon and apologized for getting on to him, and told him to tweak anything he wanted to tweak around the house.    And I will love it, because it means I have little ones around to laugh with, to play with, and to love.   The day will come soon enough when the photos frames will go untouched!

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Happy April Fools Day!   I was preparing my pranks for the day, even got some good ideas from my fellow Face Bookers, and when I came down stairs this morning, the joke was on me!    I’m not sure who is responsible for what, because everyone was grinning and no one was talking, but the whole house was turned upside down – literally!   From lamp shades, candle sticks, fruit basket, to photos on the fridge, and on and on…… everything was turned upside down!    Even cereal bags, from the boxes, had traded places.   You think your going to get Cheerios and…. Whoops!     It took me most of the morning to put things back in order.  🙂

Not to be outdone, I had a few tricks up my sleeve for the kids.   They went to school with worms in their lunch boxes (gummy of course), and a few other pranks are planned for when they get home.

It’s fun to have a day when you can fool people and pull pranks, but I was thinking how often do we fool people with our Christianity?   We can say the right things and do the right things, but our heart may not be clean.    We may fool others, but it’s impossible to fool God!   2 Timothy 2:19 says, “The Lord knows those who are His”.   Who are we fooling?


Dining room chairs turned around


Fruit basket???


Lamp shade up side down!

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