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I was reminded today of another reason to trust God.    One year ago my Dad had esophageal cancer.   It was actually this month, last year, that he had a major surgery to remove the cancer, and from then on it was a hard road.   With God’s help, and the love and support of so many people, my Dad (who is a trooper!) persevered, and taking one day at a time, was blessed with healing.   It was a tough time for all of us, and an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  

But since our family did go through that journey with my Dad, I now know what it’s like to deal with cancer.   A friend of mine said she was going to church to say a prayer today.   When I asked if everything was okay, she said, “No”.    Her Mother, was just diagnosed with cancer, and she feels like her world has been rocked!    How well I remember that feeling – waiting for the biopsy to come back.  Will it be good or bad news?

Just this week, in my Esther Bible study, I read about Esther being in the palace, “for such a time as this”.   Those words jumped out at me….. maybe, just maybe our family went through the cancer battle, so that we could be there for our dear friends, “for such a time as this”.   To have a tear in my eye as I tell her, I’ve been there, I know how you feel!  

We may not like our trials, or our burdens that we are called to carry, but if we let God, He can use them for His glory as we minister to others.   To God be all the glory!

My Dad and Megan at Cancer Treatment Center of America - Zion, IL

My Dad and Megan at Cancer Treatment Center of America - Zion, IL

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