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Saturday Junk!

I don’t know about your house, but at ours, it’s a constant struggle to provide breakfast cereal that pleases both Mom and the kids!   I want it to be somewhat healthy and affordable, and the kids just want it to taste good and sugary.   Such is the weekly war for cereals at our house!!!

A while back I got a great idea from my friend, Jason, to have “junk food cereal on Saturdays”.   What a great idea!    The kids aren’t totally junk cereal deprived, and it makes me happy because it’s limited to only one day a week!

I chuckled when I came downstairs this morning to find this note on the “junk cereal”.

Landon goes to school 1 1/2 hours before Byron does, so they don’t usually have breakfast together.   However, Landon has been noticing that the Sat. junk cereal was going down, down, down!     So he takes it upon himself to kindly remind his younger brother that this is off-limits until Saturday!  🙂

I wonder what these young men will grow up to be??   It’s a good chance that Landon’s career will have something to do with “law enforcement”!!!  🙂

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