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We’ve finally had some warm weather here in Ohio this week – hot actually!   When the temperatures gets up in the 90’s, it makes me want to grill hamburgers!    So we got the fixin’s for grilled hamburgers at the grocery store today – all except gluten-free hamburger buns for Megan and I to eat.  I was going to get in the kitchen this afternoon and make some, but was very tired.   My dear husband suggested that I just go and take a nap (what else are lazy Sat. afternoons for?).

I don’t usually take naps, but I did today, and when I woke up 2 hours later – totally refreshed, I discovered that Scott had found a recipe for GF Hamburger Buns (from Jules Gluten Free Flour), and made them for me!    Very brave of him (and totally sweet)!!   I had never made this recipe before, and working with GF bread is very different from baking regular bread!

Let me just say, he did marvelous!!!   These hamburger buns were delicious!  They were so soft, moist, and just a hint sweet.    I’m hooked!!!    Did I mention that I have the best husband ever!?!   😉  Thanks Scott!!!

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Isaiah – BSF

This morning at BSF, we wrapped up our study of the book of Isaiah.  30 wonderful lessons of unveiling God’s judgment and salvation.   I wasn’t too familiar with the book of Isaiah.  It’s not one of the ‘fun’ books to read, and it is often hard to understand.   But God has blessed my efforts this year and revealed Himself to me even more!

Isaiah has so many words of comfort and encouragement:  “in quietness and trust is your strength”,/ “in perfect faithfulness the Lord has done marvelous things”,/ “He gives strength to the weary”, /”do not fear – I am with you”,/ “you are precious and honored in My sight” /”those who hope in Me will not be disappointed”.   Those are a few of my favorites verses from Isaiah, and there are so many more! (who knew those were all from Isaiah??)  🙂

Every year, the last day of BSF is Sharing Day, and what a blessing it is!   The women have an opportunity to share of God’s love and faithfulness to them through this study.   The stories you hear are amazing!!!   Some funny, many tearful, but all giving God glory!   Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone is dealing with hurt, the only difference with this group of women, is that they are putting their faith in God to guide them through – and He is always faithful to do so!

Next year we’re studying the book of Acts, from the New Testament – I can’t wait!  If you’ve ever wanted to study God’s Word or understand it better, I would love to have you go with me!!   But be prepared, it will change your life!

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