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This past January was a milestone birthday for me – I turned 40!  Woohoo!!!   Over the past year, I could tell that my vision was changing.  I especially noticed it in church when Scott would be holding the hymnal, and I would gently ease it further out, so I could see it more clear!  The words just seemed to blur a little more up close.   I couldn’t remember the last time I had an eye exam (if ever).  Scott kept saying to me, “You need to get your eyes checked.  You might need reading glasses!”

Yikes!  No one wants to hear that!  I was determined that I wouldn’t get glasses, so I decided to approach this a different way.  I began drinking Ningxia Red (a Young Living nutrient-infused wolfberry drink) and I applied Frankincense essential oil around my eyes once a day for a month.

Ningxia Red Drink

Ningxia Red Drink




This week I finally scheduled my eye exam.   I had felt that my vision had improved, but often you don’t know what you’re not seeing.   The appointment went great, and I was giddy with excitement to find out that my eyes are perfectly healthy!  20/20 vision with no problems!  The essential oils worked!!  Thank you God for giving us what we need to care for our bodies!

PS – 40 is turning out to be not so bad after all……  😉

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This week I picked up a book at the library called “the Duck Commander Family”.  I love the Duck Dynasty show, and wanted to learn more about the Robertson family and their faith.  The first thing I did when I got the book was flip to the middle to look at the photo section.  It was fun to see some BTB (before the beards) photos!  🙂  There on one of the pages was a phrase that jumped out at me.  It said, “The truth is, the Lord has always provided”.

I needed to hear those words!  We were dealing with a family situation this week, and the problem seemed overwhelming!  I prayed and prayed but didn’t see a way out!   Today, God answered that prayer (in only a way that could be God), and I remembered those words again, “the Lord has always provided”.  So true!  He didn’t take the situation away, but He provided what we needed!  Thank you God!!

If you’re dealing with an impossible situation today, trust God to provide!

“Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
  Morning  by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath  provided—
    Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”

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