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Stress Away!!!

This month I started a new part time job.  I was given the opportunity to assist the director of the Preschool at our church, Northwest Chapel.  As you all know, starting a new job can be very overwhelming!   From learning how to operate all the office equipment  (I’m still trying to master that awesome copier machine!), to remembering where all the forms and files are, and on top of all that – learning the day to day operations of the school (I never knew there were SO many state laws for running a preschool!!!)

This month my new favorite oil has become Stress Away!  Stress Away comes in a handy roll-on bottle (easy for application).  It’s a light, fragrant, and unique blend of vanilla, lime, lavender and a few other pure essential oils .  It smells wonderful and brings a sense of calm in the midst of a hectic day.   Coming home from a stressful day on the new job – Stress Away is the first essential oil I reach for!   The next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed – stop – and take a deep breath…… of Stress Away!   🙂

stress away

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You know that your priorities in life are changing when for your 20th wedding anniversary, you ask for an essential oil book, instead of jewelry!!  😉   Scott recently got a book for us called, “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple”.  I’ll have to admit, a lot of the information in this book is over my head!!  However, since Scott’s degree is in chemistry, he understands it much easier.

Recently I was reading the book and learning about chemical compounds in essential oils called PMS – Phenols, Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes, and found the following to be very interesting…….

“When you receive a variety of oils by inhalation, orally, or through the skin (that includes these 3 classes of compounds), what happens is thought to be as follows:

P – First, the phonolics clean the receptor sites
S – Second, sesquiterpenes delete bad info from cellular memory
M – Lastly, monoterpenes restore or awaken the correct information in the cell’s memory

An example of an oil that has PMS capabilities is hyssop.  Hyssop was used in Biblical times to cleanse one from bad habits and sinful tendencies by addressing these issues at the level of cellular memory. 

In Psalm 51, Kind David is repenting to God for committing adultery and committing murder.  Tendencies to commit compulsions and engage in wrongful actions are imbedded in the DNA of our cells.  David did not want to be driven to commit such heinous acts ever again and in his begging for God’s mercy, he applied the oil of hyssop to his body and inhaled it’s vapors with these words: “Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean.  Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow….. Blot out all my iniquities.  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me”  (Psalm 51:7, 9-10) 

(Bear with me, this is where it gets good!!)  All of the elements of PMS are in these verses, “Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean” implies a cleansing of the receptor sites (P).  “Blot out all my iniquities” suggests that unwanted tendencies be deleted from the DNA (S).  “Create in me a clean heart” and “Renew a right spirit within me” suggests the reprogramming and restoration of God’s perfect image (M).

Whatever the reason, David’s sincere supplication to God and his self-anointing with oils of hyssop must have worked.  This is no Biblical record of David committing any such deeds ever again.”   (from the book, “The Chemistry of Ess. Oils Made Simple”, by Dr. David Stewart)

I am so thankful that we too can experience God’s mercy and forgiveness, and we have the oils that God created (and that people used in the Bible) for our use today!


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