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In BSF, we just finished up a year of studying The Life Of Moses.  An amazing study!!  One thing that I took away from this year, was Moses’s commitment to pray for the People of Israel!  He talked to God when the people were needy, rebellious, complaining, unappreciative, and even when he was angry with the people. Moses prayed for the people in every situation.   He persevered in prayer for the Israelites until the end of his life.

Christian parents are called to do the same for their children.  I’ve come to realize that there are certain parts of parenting for which there is no stopping point this side of heaven, and the privilege of praying for our children is one of them.

I once read this statement, “My children may outgrow many of the things I do to ‘mother’ them, but they will never outgrow their need of my prayers!”.  Amen!!  I know that to this day, my own Mother prays for me and my family!  I count on those prayers and cherish them!!  That is the legacy that I want to leave to my own children, and hopefully one day they will pass it on, and pray for their children!   “What a privilege to carry, everything to God in Prayer”!


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