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The piece of armor that our Bible Study is learning about this week is the Shield of Faith.  We are studying the difference between mere belief (head knowledge) and true faith (heart knowledge).

I was reminded of a story that illustrates this principle well.  As a child we listened to stories on old vinyl records. (those were the best)  🙂 One particular story was about the famous tightrope walker who walked over the Niagara Falls. He walked across the Falls several times….. each time with a different daring feat.  The crowd cheered and was amazed.  Finally, he asked if the crowd believed that he could carry a person across in a wheelbarrow.   The crowd cheered “we believe, we believe”, but when he asked for a volunteer – there were none!

Recently I was worried about a certain situation.   A close friend asked how I was doing, and I automatically gave her my quick Sunday School answer, “Oh I’m fine, I’m trusting God”.  She looked right at me and asked kindly “Are you really?”.   Then it hit me, she was right!   I was not fully trusting God – I didn’t have His peace.

True Faith is a deliberate choice to trust God – even when we don’t know how things will turn out.  It’s not always easy, but it is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Faith is…… getting in the wheelbarrow!!!


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