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I was in line at the store this morning waiting to check out (another lady was behind me waiting too), when a cashier beside us opened her lane.  All of a sudden another lady with a full cart, swerved right in front of us and started unloading.   She had to have seen that we were standing there waiting!  The other lady and myself  looked at each other like, “I can’t believe she just did that!”   To top it off the lady that rushed ahead of us was on her cell phone and we overheard her ask the person she was talking with, “Oh, did you get your Bible reading done?”   You can’t be serious….. she’s a Christian?   And this is how she treats others?!?

On Sunday, Pastor Terry had a wonderful message from the story of Daniel in the lions den, titled, “A Life of Positive Impact”!   His points were:

Three ways Daniel shows us how to impact our world –
(1) Through our character
(2) Through our consistency
(3) Through our courage 

As a stay-at-home Mom, I sometimes feel that I don’t have much of an impact for Jesus in the world, but this week I’ve been thinking of the ways that I can be a testimony.  It may be when I’m at the store, letting a young mother with a fussy baby go ahead of me in the check out lane.  It may mean that I’m more consistent in my quiet time with God, so that when He wants to use me, I’m available.  Or it may just be having the courage to obey God, with whatever He asks of me.

Rest assured, whether we realize it or not, people are watching our lives!   In what way am I impacting others for Christ today?

 PS  If you’d like to hear Pastor Terry’s message, log onto www.sermons.northwestchapel.org

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