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I heard a quote this week, “God values presence more than productivity“.   I had been thinking about that a lot, and feeling pretty good about it, until I laid down to go to bed last night, and was thinking of all the things that I had gotten done that day.  As I went through my mental check list, I realized that I hadn’t spent time with Jesus for my personal quiet time, but that’s okay because I did it the day before.  Wait, no, not then either.  I sadly realized that 3 busy days had flown by and I had not taken the time to fellowship with God.   But my house was clean, the laundry was caught up, C-mas shopping was done, cookies were baked, the gifts were wrapped…….   It was a sad and empty feeling.

I John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”.   On Friday, Byron’s devotional from his VeggieTale book was about “When Mistakes Happen”.   The point was, we all make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but when we do mess up, to quickly admit it and correct it.  Then your mistakes can become opportunities to learn!

Productivity isn’t necessarily bad, but God values our presence and time spent with Him so much more.  Dear God, take my mistakes and turn them into opportunities!  Amen!

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Today I had to take Byron down to The Ohio State Orthodontist Clinic (down on campus) for an appointment.   I don’t go to the campus area often, and I really don’t like driving in unfamiliar places.   Scott had printed out a good map for me.   I knew where I needed to go (more specifically where to park), and how to get home, and that was about it!   When we got there, the parking attendant had just closed the garage because it was full.   My heart sank – now what?  

The man directed us to the nearest parking garage which was quite a ways from where we needed to be……. and it was pouring down rain!!  😦   Before I pulled in the second garage, I felt a prompting in my spirit, “Drive around the block again”.   But Lord, the man already said that first garage was closed.  “Drive around the block again“.   But that man will think I’m lost, or crazy, or maybe both!!   “Drive around the block again“.   

I can be pretty clueless at times, but by the 3rd time, I just said, “Okay! I don’t know why, but here goes”.   By the time it took us to drive back around to where we needed to park (maybe 3-4 minutes), the orange cones were removed from the 1st garage, and the “open” sign was on again.    Byron and I were so excited – we shouted with happiness!!!    We could park (without getting lost), and not have to walk “a mile” in the rain. 

After driving to the 5th level, I just smiled and breathed a sigh of relief!    It was an affirmation, once again, of God’s love and care for our lives.   If God cares about something so small as a parking spot for me, how much more does he care about the bigger problems in my life!   Thank you, Lord!!!

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