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Kombucha!   What a fun word!   It sounds like you’re sneezing when you say it!  🙂 Kombucha is a health drink made by fermenting sweet tea with a kombucha culture.  It tastes kind of like sparkling cider.

I first learned of this fermented health drink when my sister came for a visit this spring.   We were shopping at Whole Foods and looking for a healthy drink, and came across this.   I loved the taste of it (you can get different flavors), and I loved the health benefits of it (lots of good probiotics for your stomach), but didn’t like the price so much – over $3/bottle.

So I decided to try my hand at making it homemade.   For Mother’s Day my family got me all the supplies that I would need (bottles, large glass bowl, organic tea, ect…..).  Then I waited until my friend’s kombucha SCOBY divided, and she could share one with me.   It takes about 7 days for the drink to brew, then you bottle it and wait for the 2nd fermentation (where the carbonation occurs).

Here’s a pic of my little bottles of Kombucha.  Can’t wait to taste them!   Stay tuned for how it turns out…..  😉



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