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To-Do List

Today is another busy day!  Often to keep focused,  I begin the day with a to-do list to remind myself of all that needs to be done.   As the day progresses, I love to see the things on my list being scratched off.   I’ve also been known to put things on my list that I’ve already done, just to see how productive I’ve been (a little wierd -huh?)!   🙂

Unfortunately, sometimes what I leave off my list are the most important things: prayer, time spent with God, pause for a loving moment with my children, pause to love my husband in tangible ways.  

These often don’t make the list, because I want to finish what I can visibly see, but my heart preparations are just as important – if not more so!   When I get my priorities right, I find that my time spent with the Lord impacts the rest of my to-do list!   What’s on your to-do list today?

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